Frequent Questions & Conversations

How long does it take?

Cars with less glass or with easier access take around 3 hours while cars with more glass or with more restricted access can take up to 5 hours. I can advise you better on how long it should take for your make and model when you are booking in, however it is usual for most jobs to take either a full a morning or a full afternoon.

How much does it cost?

As a general guide the prices for tinting most small hatchbacks are around £110 to £130; coupes and saloons £140 to £150; 4x4s, MPVs and estates £140 to £180. Windscreen sunstrips on most cars are around £10 to £15 and on vans £15 to £20. If you want to get in touch for prices then you can click here to get a quote or call me on 07551180913.

How is it done?

In a nutshell, a thin, tinted and pre-adhesed laminate is applied to the glass using heat and water. The tint is supplied off the roll and expertly hand cut before being heat-shrunk on the exterior of the glass before being fitted to the inside of the glass using lubricated water. Heat and pressure are then used to remove all the water and fully bond the adhesive to the glass. The work also includes cleaning the glass to a pristine finish and removing and refitting trims, panels and/or seals.

Is the work guaranteed?

The window tint product is supplied with a manufacturers warranty and the installation is also covered by a lifetime guarantee. Your window tints are guaranteed against any defect such as peeling, fading, cracking, blistering, bubbling, etc. In the rare event of your tints not meeting the highest of standards you will be offered repairs/ rectification at zero cost or offered your money back. Your usual statutory rights are totally unaffected.

What shade should I pick?

It's a difficult choice to make at a computer screen, I know. But, rest assured that on the day we will get you the right shade. With over a decade of experience I'll be able to give advice and suggestions based on your car's shape, paint colour, interior colours and trim styles plus we will look at samples on the day and discuss all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. All my customers drive away happy with their final choice. I don't just guarantee my products and workmanship, I also guarantee my advice. After the job, if you feel the shade is too light or too dark and the fault lies with the advice I've given you, then I'll bring the car back in and change the shade at no extra cost to you. You don't get fairer.

Where are based? How do I find you?

My workshop is in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire (postcode for sat-nav is ML2 0HF - 4 Dundyvan Street). I'm about 10 minutes away from the Newmains/ Wishaw junction of the M8 motorway, about 15 minutes from the Hamilton/ Motherwell junction of the M74 motorway and also about 15 minutes from the Garrion Bridge. I am based fairly central to Wishaw's town centre with Wishaw train station just a stone throw away and bounded by Wishaw sports centre and swimming, Wishaw General Hospital, Tesco Extra and Wishaw train station. If you need further directions please call on 07551180913.

What about the Law?

Current UK law states that front door windows must have a VLT of no less than 70% and windscreens must have no less than 75%. The VLT (visible light transmission) is how much light travels through the glass, which is lowered when window tint is applied. Virtually all cars built from the mid-1990s have glass with a VLT of 70% - 75% from factory meaning that any level of tint (even the 50% - 70% light smokes) are illegal to fit to front door windows and windscreens. The law does not affect rear windows.

What are the penalties?

The law prohibits driving a vehicle with tinted front windows, selling a car with tinted front windows and also makes it illegal for an installer to fit window tint to front windows. Police are able to test the VLT of car glass at the roadside with a small laser testing meter. Penalties for drivers may include a prohibition notice, penalty points on the licence, a fine and/or prosecution. The penalty for selling such a car and for a window tint installer is a fine.

What about my insurance?

In regards to window tints on the front doors of a car, there are usually clauses in most road risk insurance policies concerning driving a car with illegal parts or accessories. It can reasonably be assumed that driving a car with tinted front windows would void your car insurance. Also note that tinted windows, even when installed within legal limits, are generally considered a modification by most insurers meaning you may need to update your policy when having new tints installed.

I've just bought a car with tinted windows...

If it's just the rear windows that are tinted then you have nothing to worry about as the law does not affect this, though you should still get in touch with your insurer about modifications. However, if the front windows are tinted then you may be driving the car illegally, even if you are unaware. You should get in touch with local tint installers for advice on removing any illegal tint. I offer a window tint removal service at very reasonable rates. Please get in touch for a quote.